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So much knowledge that's been given so much freedom." - Sam Bleckley  "I don't know what to make of Perfect Stars, but I can't stop browsing the archives on my spare time." - Sanophale  "It's like marinating your eyes in rainbows and cream soda. But without the fizzing pain." - Narna  "The only person who could love Perfect Stars more than I is Oscar Wilde, and he is dead. " - Mimi  "Perfect Stars is my favorite thing to read in the middle of the night when I'm supposed to be doing something else. Beautiful." - Dirigible Ink  "I want to rub this comic all over my body." - Pox  "THIS ARTIST REALLY HAS A SURPRISING TALENT - SHE WILL GO FAR!" - HER MOTHER  "I want to become friends with whoever makes this." - Guillaume Potvin  "When I die, I want people to say, 'He was a good man, but he liked Perfect Stars a little TOO much.'" - Henry Slash Matt  "I like these comics that are colorful and pretty." - Box Brown  "Is it perfect? Is it a star? I dunno, but it's pretty dang close." - Adam Marien  "It makes me think and not think. It's like a trip without the trip. The art class without the class. The working for a cake store without the heavy icing exposure." - Laurel tree  "Perhaps if I had talent it would look like this" - Kate Beaton  "The most beautiful nonsense you can find" - Jacksgiant  "Perfect Stars is poetry; it's food for the road. Good people need what Perfect Stars gives you." - Thom  "Perfect Stars is like taking a step out of a beautifully rendered ironically retold fairytale and then turning it sideways.Basically stunning." - Great Turtle  "I have fallen in love with Perfect Stars and wish to marry it." - Count Spatula  "Possibly the nicest comic on the internet. Definitely the prettiest." - Michael  "It is raining outside and I really like Perfect Stars." - Celina  "It's kind of like all your emotions being painted by a girl you've never met." - Tyler King  "Perfect Stars is not afraid to color outside of the lines." - Jonny Michael Ashley  "A particularly pretty webcomic... sometimes bizarre, sometimes disturbing, sometimes kind of funny, sometimes sad... Well, I like it." - empress_bunn  "omg I love the art so much and the jellyfish hnngg I love that place" - youkanfever  "This is the weirdest, prettiest online comic I've ever read, and that's saying something." - crazyscale  "Perfect Stars comics are personable, often surreal, and fabulously, beautifully drawn. But not short on lollercakes and roflcopters, Oscar Wilde and Skip-its." - psychohazard  "A lovely and romantic comic." - omeletdufromage  "Some of these strips are hit or miss, but this one is one of their best, I think. At least, I love it to death." - Enkida  "PerfectStars is the sun and the moon and the stars!!!!" - Giselle  "A beautiful visual treat" - David Malki !  "Very interesting art in this one. Not for plot enthusiasts." - Emily Ryan  "Argh! So gorgeous! I love the way Romantic draws people and uses colours. So of course, unexpected jokes and sideways world-view are an added bonus." - Lucy Lyall  "Perfect Stars is akin to the oft-referenced post-coital cigarette; It's relaxing, satisfying, and a little bitter." - Chris Hamann  "This is not a comic so much as a poem given color and form. Surreal and yet somehow familiar, the comics range from bitter looks at the world around us to glimpses at occasional happiness - but they are never simply ordinary." - Matt Koelbl  "It's different enough to catch my eye, and cynical enough to keep me coming back." - Littlej  "Perfect Stars opened up a 5th chamber in my heart muscle" - cardboard_armour  "My love for Perfect Stars is such that I plan to demonstrate it using indelible inks upon my very flesh." - Sam Nolting  "Perfect Stars is wonderfabulous. It's funny, silly, pretentious in the best of ways, and has kick-ass art." - Elizabeth Liang  "I have never read a more fucked up thing in my life." - Malakai  "Perfect Stars is one of those messed up girly comics, but the art is yum!" - Dray  "Perfect Stars... what a treat! The writing is something reminiscent of A Lesson Is Learned, and it has hot chicks. I want to be tipped off about more online projects like this." - Liz Greenfield  "Perfect Stars is like if Picasso was a girl, had a deeply twisted, heavily ironic sense of humor, and was not all depressed about the Spanish Civil War." - Sam Nolting  "A wonderful thing" - Chris Yates  "Bitchy fashion and Wildean languor shouldn't work in a webcomic... but this does." - Scott  "Beautiful watercolor comic. My favorites so far are Playing Outside and I'm Sorry I Have to Go" - bad_JuJu  "Amazing art and comics" - robertsong  "Kind of like 'wtf' and 'hmm' at the same time" - polka  "Esa foto los atrajo no?" - exigimosigualdad  "I've been gradually falling in love with Perfect Stars" - Josh Rosen, Edwitch  "Very stylized, and I like it. Somewhat twisted, cute views on things." - Lord Awesome  "Oh man, looooooove Perfect Stars. [Romantic] is brilliant" - Queen of the Eyesores  "Perfect Stars really is one of the better things to find on the internet" - Elizabeth Liang  "I just read like 400 perfect stars comics and they're now my favourite thing in the world" - the happy prince  "Perfect Stars it is like the best ever" - realshocks  "Perfect Stars is a cleverly written webcomic presented in an art deco style. It started off rough, but got much better as it went along- In art and writing. Also, what's better than comics about Oscar Wilde and pretty much anything related? Nothing. It's one of the best webcomics I've seen in awhile..." - lunaticcrow  "Pretty to look at, always at least slightly off, and really kind of exquisitely awkward" - Anonymous   "Hahaha! Oh my god! What an awesome comic!" - Timefishblue  "Perfect Stars is especially WTF? and beautiful lately. Jane is my imaginary girlfriend." - ameinias  "I love Perfect Stars; there is something so marvelous and over-the-top about blending an Austrian expressionist aesthetic with such dry and contemporary humor. It's incredible." - Julia Oldham  "This is like my Velvet Goldmine of comics (and not just because it stars Oscar Wilde). Rich artwork!" - Metrokitty  "I love it" - James Jean  "Perfect Stars is wonderfully fresh, like what the movie Yellow Submarine would have been like if written by fourteen-year-old Manhattanite girls. Read it." - Ian Jay  "Imagine if Egon Schiele hadnít died of Spanish Flu and made webcomics that occasionally featured Oscar Wilde. Perfect Stars. Itís a good, sometimes confusing time." - Andy Warner  "Perfect Stars is the biggest and the brightest hand in the world" - friend city   "Perfect Stars makes me clutch my blankets real close at night" - Sarah Koz  "Perfect Stars: Stark as bleach and exegetic as x-rays, with vorpal feminist irony." - satchel   "Perfect Stars has the best random testimonal generating php script on the Internet!" - tinyghosts  "The artwork is excellent when it demonstrates restraint... But thereís always another baroque masterpiece around the next bend, radiating great bold spills of wrinkly cloth and flowing hair, always stunning and confounding." - Webcomics Examiner  "Perfect Stars reminds me of lazy afternoons in California where I would take old dusty books from an old chest in my great grandma's house and sit on those cool stone steps to read strange Russian stories. I miss those days." - kuriimu  "Perfect Stars is not only awesome, amazing, AND awesome and amazing, it is AWESOMAZING" - Jars Cristobal  "Beautiful hilarious watercolour truth" - celia  "The art is simply beautiful to look at. Sometimes it is profound.I love Perfect Stars" - Kari Collins  "Nonsensical brilliance at it's best" - waltzofthemoon  "I love Perfect Stars. If I were clever and poetic and could paint like Romantic, I would totally do that" - antarestar  "Perfect Stars is a languid dream that lingers with you all day, even if you can't remember what happened in it" - Ashley Pringle & Jack Carr  "Start reading Perfect Stars if you haven't already. It's not pee-pants funny, but you might really enjoy it and think it's pretty. I know I do" - moredamnrobots  "Anyone here who does not read and adore Perfect Stars gets shot and not allowed to live again." - lackadaisy  "Have I talked about how much I love Perfect Stars? I love Perfect Stars." - Flip Constantine  "Perfect Stars is quite possibly one of my new favorite webcomics. It reminds me of A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible. The pictures and colors are wonderful and the writing is just as good" - horrorpants  "Oh, man, Perfect Stars is incredible!" - lambnesiac  "Your comic is very nicely drawn and interesting" - Brian Lee O'Malley  "Not "ha ha" funny, but very quirky cool" - Karla Pacheco  "Perfect Stars makes my happy reading box go buzz" - metalstylus  "Romantic, your comic is so good. So, so good. And so beautiful.... HAVE MY BABIES ROMANTIC" - Baron von Swede of Electric Ladyland  "You know how I love webcomics. You know how I love archaeology. Imagine the two were combined? I'd love it the most! Ohhh, Oetzi...that iceman gets me every time. Why is Perfect Stars so cool?" - say_it_with_pie  "Have you been reading Perfect Stars? It has been super lately" - Ryan North  "Oh my god Perfect Stars is too humorous" - Neuroport  "Perfect Stars is like Methadone for my beauty addiction; now i am hooked on Perfect Stars!" - Timothy Volpert  "Perfect Stars is a fine, fine webcomic. It's fairly artsy fartsy and a little weird but the images and words are wonderful" - thom  "One of the best designed web comics sites ever coded" - Brian W.  "Perfect Stars is wonderful. Absolutely beautiful and enchanting! A must-see" - Kier Mcfarlane  "This comic is pretty sweet!" - Chris Yates  "Your comic confuses me to no end! Thank you." - Andrew Stewart  "Beautiful and great" - Dale Beran  "I like you Romantic! You are a good person and you make good comics!" - Mister Mysterio  "These comics are perfect! I want MORE" - Kari Collins  "Perfect Stars is so cool" - B. Shur  "I wish that Newbs and Romantic were the ones doing the real Superman" - Trevor Record  "God, I am so entirely blown away... it's funny, confusing, uplifting and upsetting" - Andrew Jarvis  "I have totally fallen in love with your comic" - Alex Tulett  "It's that understated emotion that always makes Perfect Stars one of my most favorite comics" - Aaron Diaz  "Perfect Stars caused me to weep into my wrists and burn all my love letters... Too divinely gorgeous to be trapped in cyberspace -- I wish it was my best friends diary and I would steal it and read it obsessively but always return it before she found out..." - Simone Eclair  "How wonderful, how wonderful, how wonderful" - ThePaula  "Perfect Stars rules in three different ways" - Ryan North  "Go and read PERFECT STARS" - Warren Ellis  "I think Perfect Stars deserves as much love as you can throw" - Kendon Luscher  "I loved the art of Perfect Stars at first sight" - Juan Santapau  
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